As The Pendulum Swings

Swing The Pendulum Back To Joy

Speaking reality is not easy in this world of fiction. It takes bravery & courage to express & stand in your rights & your laws. Join me every week for a live educational call to connect, learn, and be in action with the law of life and pull enlightenment into reality and live in joy.

Rights that are unalienable can never be taken away, unless you give them away.

Natural and legal rights are two types of rights. Natural rights are those that are not dependent on the laws or customs of any particular culture or government, and so are universal and unalienable. Legal rights are those bestowed onto a person by a given legal system. Distinction between the two have been diminished and confused. Now is always the time to get clear and learn how to operate in both. Freedom is voluntary. The system/matrix/public is voluntary (it doesn't seen to be). That's why you are here; to be iron clad about your rights that are inalienable, create & express your own laws common to i, bring about remedy when you, or someone commits a wrong. Live freely without fear knowing you, as a man or woman, are the highest realm on this planet.

To put it simply... 
You know that saying, "what comes around goes around"? Now is your chance to kindly & gracefully make them shake in the knees, come into remedy. No more waiting for another lifetime for karma to kick in. Pull enlightenment into reality to dissolve controversy, come into remedy now so you can be in peace and harmony with your fellow mankind. 

As The Pendulum Swings Educational Platform

  • reality vs fiction
  • public vs private
  • align with law that governs you
  • privatize your life & assets
  • privatizing, securing, & growing your money in higher consciousness products
  • infinite banking concept 
  • draw enlightenment into reality
  • stop engaging in the bullshit
  • step off the karmic wheel
  • put up your boundaries & express your laws
  • step off the rat race with bravery & courage
  • diminish controversy & come into remedy
  • uphold & stand in your rights
  • step into evolution
  • Learn to speak the language of men & woman of mankind and restore harmony
  • Walk this planet with love & without fear

What you get with this program.

  • A weekly private live call for members only.
  • Each live call will include; connection, education, integration, action, and community.
  • Access to all call recordings
  • Learn a new language to take out into the world.
  • Repetition to create real change & support to embody reality.
  • Join our Telegram community to continue the work.
  • Be the first to know when new courses or projects are created.

Swing the pendulum back to peace.

With love & grace walk your laws, talk your laws in honor with mankind.

Embody the highest realm you can be on the planet, a man or a woman.