As The Pendulum Swings

If you don't know your rights - you don't have any!
Speaking law is not easy in this world.
It takes bravery & courage to express & stand in rights & laws.
Join me every week for a live educational call to be streetwise in expression of your law and dissolve controversy.

Rights that are inherent can never be taken away, unless you give them away. They are woven into the core of your being and existence.

The good news is we have law, the universal laws that have been here since the existence of our universe. These laws uphold or hold up our rights.

This class is a practice of the expression of law common to i and how to utilize it in your life. How to operate in both the system and in the private when "the system" comes becomes the boogie man and attempts to "take away your rights".    

There are 3 Pillars of our reality:
  1. Know Law & rights.
  2. Know emotions.
  3. Express law & rights.
Without knowing these pillars you will or have already given your rights away. Let's dig, uncover, and clear away anything fiction and swing the pendulum into balance and peace. please join me in my educational community to begin your journey back to full power. 

Join us for a weekly complimentary call Tuesday's 7pm eastern. Here is the link for the call:

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As The Pendulum Swings Educational Platform

  • Making reality common knowledge
  • reality vs fiction
  • public vs private
  • align with law
  • privatize your life & assets
  • infinite banking concept 
  • draw enlightenment into reality
  • stop engaging in the bullshit
  • step off the karmic wheel
  • express your law
  • step off the rat race with bravery & courage
  • diminish controversy & come into remedy
  • uphold & stand in your rights
  • step into evolution
  • Walk this planet with love & without fear

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