about I, Rebecca, the woman

About I, Rebecca, the woman

  • I; Rebecca, a woman, in her full power to create who sometimes acts as...
  • Teacher of law
  • Financial advocate & wealth curator in the advanced markets. 
  • Life coach
  • Yoga & meditation teacher
  • Akashic record reader
  • Ordained minister
  • I am a woman who enjoys a good power walk, hula hooping, aerial yoga, walking in nature, the beach, sunsets and most importantly, loves time with her family and friends.

Financial Advocate

I, Rebecca Urick, know everything is energy. Your retirement is your life force that you set aside for later and should never lose value and only grow. Life increases in value, never depletes. Ever. Despite what you may have learned. The value of money going up and down is old consciousness. I am a financial advocate and wealth curator in the advanced markets. When I discovered products that never lose value and always grow with compounding interest in alignment with life, my anxiety around money vanished. My strategies are built around growth, expanding your life, becoming a conscious consumer, and becoming financially literate. I specialize in reducing taxes for my clients, eliminating risk, and increasing income as your retirement grows to create generational wealth, and legacy money to pass down generation after generation.

I am happy to offer a free 15 minute consult. Please schedule a complementary 15 minute zoom call. schedule here.

Ordained Minister

I, the woman, rebecca sometimes acts as an Ordained Minister with The Universal Life Church Ministries. As a Wedding Officiant, for friends and Family, I Love the privilege of overseeing the beautiful moment when two hearts join. Please feel free to Contact her if you are interested in her Officiating your Wedding day!

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