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Why Financial Advocacy

I, Rebecca Urick, know everything is energy, vibration, & frequency. Your retirement is your life force (or energy) that you set aside for later, (or put under your virtual mattress in the cloud) should never lose value, and only grow. Life increases in value, never depletes. Ever. Despite what you may have learned. The value of money going up and down is old consciousness.

Uninterrupted compounding interest is the 8th wonder of the world - Albert Einstein

I am a financial advocate and wealth curator specializing in the advanced markets. I am not a financial advisor. When I discovered the Advanced Markets with uninterrupted compounding interest growth, without all the penalties, laws, rules, fees, my anxiety around money vanished. The strategies I use are built around growth, expanding your life, becoming a conscious consumer, and becoming financially literate. I specialize in reducing taxes for my clients, eliminating risk, and increasing income as your retirement grows to create generational wealth, and legacy money to pass down generation after generation. I am an independent broker, licensed, insured with Max Life Private Wealth.

Max Life Private Wealth is a conscious community of exceptional problem solvers leading fearlessly to shift the way people relate to money and finance.

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2024 Financial Literacy Monthly Workshops: 

January 15th, 2024  - 7pm eastern

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