Our Beginnings

Is this all life has to offer?

5 years ago, I stood in my kitchen asking god, the Universe, “Is this it, is this really all there is?” I was exhausted! I was so tired of trying so hard, making things happen. Confirmed by my acupuncturist, I was tired to the core of being. I just let go of my yoga studio after 12 years. My husband and I opened 6 Retail stores and closed 4. I also had a screen printing business. I was working 7 days a week. But I was strong and a yoga teacher, doesn’t that make me invincible? So, I thought.

As I stood in my kitchen I felt I had done everything that I was supposed to be happy, successful, and make money. I mean, I had a yoga studio, the dream of most teachers. It was successful and I was exhausted. I burned the forest down trying to get more students and worrying about how to build my business and what was next. Not only that, my husband, and I were constantly opening and closing stores. Do you know how much work goes into opening a Retail store? I’m not going to get into it but it’s an Everest and closing a store, also, an Everest. I was constantly climbing mountains.

No rest for the weary, right? “Build it and they will come”. “Keep going”, “Get back up and try again”. I remember my Yoga teacher would always say, “Fall down 7 get up 8” I believe that is a Japanese proverb. All around me was telling me to keep going. You’ll get there. Right! Sick and tired, exhausted from forcing, chasing, hoping to god something would save me, running from the pain in my body from all the stress. Working so hard because I was the invincible yoga teacher. You know, yoga is the answer to everything. Meditation was helpful, and the yoga too and probably the only thing that kept me going. But why is all this so incredibly hard?

A New Path

Something came over me in the kitchen that day. I vowed to take care of myself and be truly grateful for everything I did have. Now, I was teaching at a gym and didn’t have to manage the studio and we had a manager for the stores. So, I napped, I took the time to chop my veggies and make good food. I went for walks and meditated in the woods. I was grateful for the time to take care of myself. But really, it was me that made it a priority and nothing could get in the way. Within a month the path of personal development was nudging me. I was watching YouTube videos of the greatest transformational coaches and mentors on the planet and the inspiration came back. I felt the nourishment of the words they spoke and knew this was my next path.

Thank God, this path began to lead me toward what I really wanted, true success, peace & happiness in my life, and to follow my heart. It is the investment of time and money into my Personal & Spiritual Development that pulled all my talent, my unique qualities, my gifts together for me and exploded my path before me. Don’t get me wrong, I have made mistakes since and they have been the best experiences, though not easy, I could have ever had.

I am grateful I have found my path and I am grateful for all who come with me.

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You have all the power to do this...Right NOW!

When you commit to your own evolution you will see your whole life transform. Relationships will get better and deeper, more money will come in, you’ll find you have more time to do what you really want to do, your health will get better... You will experience Full Spectrum Wealth in all areas of your life. Invest in yourself and your new story and not the old.
It’s not hard to do. You just need to know HOW.

The Power is within YOU, right now, to live an extraordinary Life.