Soul Restoration Services

Soul Restoration Services

Akashic Records, Ether, 5D, Quantum Field, Information Field, God's (or universe's) book of remembrance, Sky, heaven, beyond the mind, or Book of life.
However you want to call it...
All is written.

Like the internet of souls & the choices they've made. 
The Akashic Records are a database of choices we've ever made all linked together. 

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Please click this link to watch my video on the Akashic Records before checking out my Soul Restoration services.

DreamBuilder® & Life Mastery Consulting® 

Not living the life you want to be living. Too many situations, patterns, or old stuff holding you back? Learn how to build, create, live your best life over and over again. A structure of support is the way to go! Please schedule time with me to see if this is a good fit for you! Schedule Here

$36.     No!No!Nano! - Intelligent Technology Neutralization.
         (not in person reading)

Please watch this video before you purchase this clearing/blessing

$96.     1:1 Soul Coaching - 1 hour

This 1:1 appointment will be to uncover a pattern or program that is causing a block or restriction in your life. We will clear, bless it & talk about how to recognize & change this pattern or program moving forward in your life. I look forward to meeting you!

$63.     Property Clearing & Blessing

Please watch this video before you purchase this clearing/blessing

Please watch my video BIO

Ordained Minister

I, the woman, rebecca sometimes acts as an Ordained Minister with The Universal Life Church Ministries. As a Wedding Officiant, for friends and Family, I Love the privilege of overseeing the beautiful moment when two hearts join. Please feel free to Contact her if you are interested in her Officiating your Wedding day!