• As a network marketing leader for a team of over 9,000 in 6 countries, I know that strengthening my core leadership is of the highest importance. At our yearly leadership retreat in January, I asked Rebecca Urick, a certified Life Mastery consultant, to join myself and the other leaders for a 4-day retreat in Florida. Rebecca shared information with my team that set the leaders on fire and opened up their thinking in a way unlike past programs or speakers. Not only is the information transformational- so is Rebecca. The retreat included meditation and yoga, both of which Rebecca has been teaching for 18 years. If you lead a small team, large team or are just looking for a fresh, truly inspirational, new journey to transform your life....this is it. ~Stephanie P.
  • Greetings! Rebecca is amazing at All that she does. She is spot on, an absolute Healer by energy, & a wonderful Teacher. Many things she's said in her videos, the ones I've been present for, TOTALLY happened for me!!! She is a giver, a receiver, & an abundance grower. I recommend everyone to follow, interact, & trust in her. Blessings, Autumn R.
  • I want to thank Rebecca McKeown Urick, whom is my DreamBuilder® coach. In just the few short weeks I have been in her class my mind and spirit are being stretched and opened and lining up with my life purpose and passion… her course is definitely the best life-changing thing I have done in a long time. I am forever grateful that God and Terri connected us. - Sandra M.
  • I highly recommend Rebecca as a Transformational Life Coach! Her program has helped me to decide what I really want in my life, and has given me tools to use to create my dreams! Rebecca is a great coach and this program is totally worth the investment. Rebecca's coaching was supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic. Her Program has empowered me and given me more confidence to create not only what seems possible, but what I would truly love in my life! - Amanda J.
  • Are you at a point in your life, where you are stuck? You have some ideas of what you want to do in your life, but not sure how to achieve them, talk to Rebecca Urick. It will be well worth your time. She will help get you out of that which holds us back from experiencing and living our dreams. ~Darcy McK.
  • You are an amazing influence, Rebecca. Your work is life-changing! My dreams now are being lived because of you. Even more incredible is the impact you've had on Chrissy. It gives me chills how drastic her turns have been. Thank you for putting out your energy for all who will accept it. You are a true gift. XOXO - Carrie B.