Resources – Welcome!


I am thrilled to be on this wild ride with you. We are going to have so much fun! Go out and buy yourself a journal so you can keep your notes and write down your  Lifework (Homework) for the week. I encourage you to keep everything in this journal about the program so you know where to find it!

First; write down what the right to life means to you. for example: for me, breathing fresh air, drinking fresh clean drinking water, clean food, to commerce with my fellow mankind, create an income or business, claim land, clean medicine, enjoy life, travel, ect.. you get it? Write it down. You can use mine also!

Here is your invite to the weekly call on Zoom, use this link to access the live call.

This is an ongoing call that will continue to teach, support, inspire and motivate you as long as you need and are swinging the pendulum of life.

The next step is to join the private telegram Group where you will be connected with others swinging the pendulum.

Join here our Telegram page here.

I am looking forward to walking with you on this path! Please bring your questions, experiences, or anything else to the call. You will be invited into a telegram Group where you can begin getting to know other’s swinging the pendulum. You will receive your own personal login and password to access previously recorded calls.

Sit back, enjoy the work you’ll be doing and step into alignment with the law of life.

With So Much Love,
Rebecca Urick